Zac 4 kids is an idea of Giulia and Francesca, friends, moms and associates. It offers smart and practical items with a story to tell. 

This is how Zac 4 Kids was born: Zac Zac zac the sound of scissors cutting fabrics and the past…

Giulia had a degree in economics, a stable job in a big consultancy agency, Francesca was a lawyer in an important law firm in Florence. Together they decide to leave for this adventure into the kids’ world:

Zac 4 Kids is born!

Anna Maggi

Art Director

Irene Barnes


Eleonora Cerri Pecorella


Intorno Design

Visual & web design

Francesco Conti

Photographer / Videomaker

Raffaele Acquaviva



Photographer / Set designer

Francesca Corpaci


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