The most awarded jockey in the last hundred years, has an acid
name… Vinegar.

To win the Siena’s Palio horse race you must run for three laps of the Campo di Siena.

The Palio is a long rectangular "rag" or Drappellone with the symbols of the city painted on it and is up for grabs for the winning Contrada.

To get the Palio initiated is the Mossiere -the starter- the one who drops the front rope and get the competition started, but he never looks…

The bells of Mangia Tower belfry announce when it's time for the horses to go down to Campo di Siena.

Before the beginning of the Palio there is a long parade called Passegiata Storica that starts at the Duomo and ends at the Campo di Siena.

What a beautiful Cappotto! The meaning of Cappotto -coat- is a double victory of the Palio by the same Contrada on July and August.

Serena is the name of the pavement stone of the Campo di Siena.

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