Venice Carnival is very antique: it has been celebrated since 900 years!

“Goodmorning siora mascara!” Here’s the Carnival’s salutation!

The game of “hide-and-seek” is played under the Bauta! Where am I? Where are you?

The Volto is the gourmand mask. Under his beak you can eat and drink like there’s no tomorrow!

The Moretta is the silent mask. It stands with a button clenched between the teeth!

There are two Zanni: the smart one and the dull one. To distinguish between them you have to look at their nose!

Careful to the Mattacino! This rogue one throws eggs to the ladies!

Pantalone, Arlecchino and Colombia. What a trio! They love and hate each other at the same time…but in the end is all a game!

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