Venice seen from above has the shape of a fish! A 1600 year old big fish.

How many pigeons! The first ones were given as a present to a rich lady but they ran away from here to conquer the city!

Under the palaces there is …. a forest! Look closely: in Venice houses grow on trees!

A town made of several islands! If you want to count them on the hand’s fingers you need more than twenty hands.

Pugni’s bridge, what a strange a name… It’s because people use to slap each other on that bridge!

At Murano the glass is like bubble blower: blowing you give the shape!

Burano is famous for his colourful houses, so that the sailors could find their way in the fog!!

With all this water you have to take the boat! The bus is a ferry and the fire truck is a speedboat!

If the tide rises…here it comes the high water!
Let’s prepare the boots, Venice is now a swimming pool!

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